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The Parent Coach Collective

Feeling overwhelmed or discouraged?

You are not alone - and you're in the right place.

Trained by prominent parent coaches Cecilia and Jason Hilkey of Happily Family, this Collective offers the strategies you need to meet the tough moments of parenting. With our nurturing approaches and varied expertise, you will feel more confident in your decision-making, strengthen your connection with your child and enjoy time with your family.

You deserve to feel confident, empowered and joyful.

Raising confident bilingual, cross cultural, or biracial kids feels hard, especially when the world is constantly telling them they aren't enough or that they don't fit in. I believe that no child should have to feel ashamed of their heritage and no parent should feel they have to give up pieces of their cultural identity to help their kids fit in.

I became a parent coach to equip families to build healthy cross cultural relationships and raise confident multicultural kids. Your family deserves to feel connected and understood.

Families Embracing Diversity

As the mom of two bilingual Mexican American boys, Vanessa understands how hard it is to raise confident multicultural kids. As a former teacher, early childhood educator and parent advocate, I've watched many families struggle to navigate cross cultural parenting. They are often overwhelmed by the overly abundant bad advice and feel they have to navigate the journey alone.

Simply Childhood Coaching

Kori Clevenger is a passionate educator, dedicated to helping parents navigate the complexities of raising young children. She has made it her mission to empower parents to find greatness in themselves and their children.

Through her coaching, Kori provides parents with the tools, strategies, and support they need to build strong, positive relationships with their children and raise happy, healthy, and well-adjusted kids.

Kori's approach is grounded in empathy, understanding. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every coaching session. With Kori's guidance, parents can not only survive but thrive in their role, fostering deep connections with their children and building a foundation for a bright future.

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Thriving Tween & Teens

Louise Preece is the founder of Low Self Esteem to Thriving T(w)eens, an Empowerment Coach to T(w)een girls, and also a Parent Coach.

Early adolescence is recognized as being one of the most challenging times for both children and parents. Louise’s focus is trying to make that transition a lot easier by helping the parents of T(w)eens have a better understanding of what their child is experiencing during these crucial developmental stages and to come through forming an even better connection with their child.

Through her combined knowledge and experience, Louise offers different parenting strategies with a new parenting mindset that can be delivered online.

Don't let raising a t(w)een take over your life.

A free guide on how to live better with your t(w)een so you can both enjoy life!

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Carrie Bonnett, Executive Function Coach

Carrie Bonnett is a veteran teacher and lifelong list-maker. She is an Executive Function coach based in Bend, Oregon, where she lives with her husband and two children. Her no-shame approach and the strategies that she teaches:

· empower students to thrive in life and in school,

· help parents to better support their children and

· help adults get on top of the obligations of life.

Carrie works with families and individuals to teach executive function skills, the ones that help us get things done: like planning, organization, time management and self-monitoring.

In addition to coaching, she is also an adjunct instructor for early-career teachers at the University of Portland in Oregon.

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Laurie Wong loves teaching moms and dads how to become the parents they want to be! She has facilitated Parent Workshops and Coaching in school districts, and non-profit organizations for 25 years.

Through her Coaching practice, parents realize:

*They are not alone and will learn to resolve conflicts, by being both kind & firm.

• No matter what their background, they can become confident parents.

• They can see immediate results as they practice the new skills learned.

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The Parent Workshops


After a degree in Music Therapy, her education includes certification in Dr. Jane Nelsen’s “Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and Classroom Facilitator Training”. Also trained in “Developing Capable Leadership” and “Facilitating Active Parenting of Teens”, and more.

Laurie has empowered hundreds of parents to address the issues of today’s children in a non-judgmental, guilt-free environment, and to put updated theories into action. She is the mother of two amazing children.

Kids with Labels

Denise uses EFT Tapping to help parents achieve emotional equilibrium so they can be their best selves with their kids. She helps clients do the inner work that reduces triggers and increases the enjoyment of parenting. Maintaining balance is challenging amidst the crises and impossible parenting standards of today’s world. Denise teaches how trusting your intuition is critical to navigating this ever-changing environment.

Having parented neurodiverse kids for two decades,

Denise brings particular skill and compassion in supporting parents of ‘kids with labels’ – those identified as ADHD, 2E/gifted, ASD, highly sensitive, non-binary, anxious or depressed – as well as families experiencing grief, loss, or major life transitions. She holds a certification in Clinical EFT Tapping from EFT Universe.

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Whole Picture Parenting

Nicki helps parents understand meltdowns, difficulties with sensory processing, attention, hyperactivity, anxiety (and more). She works with parents to create a roadmap to address these issues, drawing on a broad knowledge base from psychology and the parent-child relationship, nutrition and gut health to environmental and lifestyle factors. She empowers parents with tools and insights and supports them in identifying resources and practitioners which can further help the child and family.

Nicki is the mother of two children who have taught her many things about emotions and behaviour! She is passionate about helping other families find a positive path forward.

Nicki has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and is a certified Parent Coach with Happily Family. She has attended the Mindd International Forum, The Executive Function Online Summit, the Anxiety Summit, Natasha Daniels’ OCD online training course and the PANS Australia Conference. She has had the privilege of learning from some amazing educators and a broad range of practitioners.

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Bright Blue Seeds

Tracy Vroman is a coach who works with parents and school staff of children struggling with intense sensitivity, anxiety-based disorders, and misophonia. She believes that these children's gifts are often misunderstood and champions a strengths-based message. Since identifying misophonia in her daughter, she followed the seeds to such topics as sensory processing sensitivity, the nervous system, the mind-body connection, and, most importantly, how our actions/reactions as adults affect our kids'.

"HSP Onesheet" as a conversation starter

Her ‘mom-on-a-mission’ degree and her 8 years as a Board of Education member makes her a passionate advocate uniquely ready to help others navigate home and school during this challenging time, including the 504 and IEP processes.

She is the mother of two amazing young women and is based in the Chicagoland area.

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